French Championship F4 – GT Tour FFSA 2014 – Le Mans 24-27 April 2014

Young drivers under 16: #4
Race 1: 12
“However, the drive of the race came from Swiss Paul Hokfelt Jr. He started from last place after problems in qualifying yesterday and he carved his way up through the field to seventh spot!”
“Hirsiger was sixth in front of the brililant Swiss Hokfelt Jr.”

Race 2: 15
“With two laps to go Swiss driver Paul Hokfelt Jr had to cope with the stunning comeback of the winner
of the first race, Mawson, who was determined to score his second top-3 finish of the day.”
“Thus, Elpitiya scored a well-deserved dominant maiden victory in the 2014 French F4 Championship
in the second race from Hirsiger and Mawson who overtook Hokfelt Jr on the last lap.”

Race 3: 12
“Swiss Paul Hokfelt Jr who started from last place made yet another stunning comeback, and fought his
way up to ninth place just in front of Valentin Hasse-Clot rounding out the top 10.”
“Not far from the finish Buletov grabbed sixth from Elpitiya who then had to give way to Hokfelt Jr continuing his fight to the front along with Aotev.”

Total: 39

Overall final results Auto Sport Academy: #6
Race 1: 6
Race 2: 12
Race 3: 6
Total: 24

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