2012, details

Winter Cup, Lonato:
Qualifying: 70
Races: 71
This was my first international race and it was very hard for me.

Margutti, Lonato:
Qualifying: 29
Races: 39
Even if my speed was quite good for a second race, I still didn’t manage to get out from the crashes and didn’t reach the final.

French National Championship, Varennes:
Qualifying: 4
Races: 17
Again the speed was good but no proper result in the final

European Championship, 1st race Varennes:
Qualifying: 69, we were very unlucky during this week end in the time trial, the track was wet and getting better every lap I was 3 before the last lap where a driver spun in front of me and made me loose positions, from 3 to 69
Races: 72

Finnish Championship, 1st race Pori:
Qualifying: 8
Races: 10
I got disqualified in one heat that made me start 16 in the final instead of 4.

Finnish Championship, 2nd race
Qualifying: 4
Races: 9

North European Championship, Stockholm,
Qualifying: 8
Races: 3
In the pre-final I was pushed out and caught up from the 30 place to the 15 place. In the final I started 15 and finished 3.

WSK Euro series 4th race, La Conca
Qualifying: 20
Races: 9
The qualifying was not very good but every race we improved and finished 9 in the final

WSK Euro series 5th race, Zuera
Qualifying: 63
Races: 21
We just managed into the pre-final (63/64) because we had very bad qualifying heats but in the pre-final I caught up to the 17 place and in the final starting 32 I caught up until the 13 place where I got pushed off and finished 21.

World Cup, Zuera
Qualifying: 49
Races: 49
Very bad race, I drove my reserve Kart as the new one was crashed in the warm-up.

WSK Final Cup, Casteletto
Qualifying: Last (somebody spun in front of me in my first lap and drove right into me)
Races: 20
In the final I had a crash in the start and ended out being last with half a lap. I caught up to the 20th place and I had a good speed.